Updated on 14 December 2018.

It is important to us that we are able to maintain a comprehensive and accurate directory listing database in order to meet the needs of our users. We do this by ensuring that the information published in our directory listings have been independantly collected and compiled by our data producers and community of users from publicly available sources. We try to ensure, using commercially reasonable efforts, that all information published in our sites are factually correct.
If you are a business who has not been listed in our directory listing and would like us to include your business in our listings, or if you are a business that is currently listed and would like us to correct or update any inaccurate or outdated information, please contact us at

To facilitate the provision of objective and accurate reviews by our community of users, we generally allow our users to freely share about their experiences as long as it meets our review policy and guidelines below.

If you are a business who has been reviewed and are of the view that any of the reviews submitted by our users are in any way inaccurate, unfair, objectionable or do not meet our review policy, you may respond as the business owner by using your business name account to respond publicly to the review or if this option is not available for any reason, please let us know and we will assist you to response to the user to verify his/her review. Please note that we will generally not entertain requests to remove negative reviews unless otherwise warranted by the circumstances.

All review content submitted to the Site is subjected to the following review guidelines:

01. No posting of content, images or otherwise, that do not belong to you or that you do not have written authorization to use

02. No posting of content relating to illegal activity, including but not limited to drug activity, pornography, underage drinking or smoking

03. No attacks on race or religion or allegations of racism

04. No spamming and harassment of members

05. No disparaging remarks about other members’ comments

06. No seditious comments

07. No use of any obscene or inappropriate language

08. No advertising in any form or kind is allowed, especially from establishment owners and employees

09. No abuse of establishment owners and staff will be allowed. Reviews are strictly prohibited from identifying establishment owners or staff by name, and are not allowed to harass, abuse, make false statements, defame, impersonate someone else or conduct anything illegal or otherwise objectionable content

10. You must submit original reviews that represent your own experiences

11. Any reviews that contain accusations of illegal activity, malpractice, health code violations (e.g. food poisoning) and false advertising will be removed from

12. Any review deemed to be off-topic may be removed

Photo Submission Guidelines in Reviews claims no ownership, affiliation with, or endorsement of any photos that are posted on our site. The truthfulness of all photos and captions is assumed by the user and their validity is not the responsibility of Please note that by uploading photos, you are granting the non-exclusive rights to use, copy, re-purpose and display those photos at our discretion.

No photos, images or material that is vulgar, pornographic, obscene, profane, illegal, offensive, insulting, objectionable or other non-family-friendly content.

No images from other sources or material published elsewhere. No images that infringe on any copyright, trademark or other legal property right.

Please post photos, images or materials that arerelevant to the business you are reviewing.

No logos, titles, branding, promotional material or any other content intended for commercial purposes.

No single photo file may exceed 2MB in size. All photos submitted to the site must be in .jpg or png format. Any file that does not meet these requirements will be rejected. All photos uploaded will be displayed in 4:3 proportion.

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